Top 10 Energy Technology Startups - 2018
American Wind: Green Energy, Right out of the Box

Top 10 Energy Technology Startups - 2018

The past few years have seen the exploitative use of energy on one hand, and constant advancement in technology on the other. The steady decline of non-renewable resources has led to increased attempts at finding cleaner, smarter energy sources and optimizing the use of existing resources. As the process of generating, storing and distributing energy faces massive disruption, startups in the sector pave the path to a new era promising sustainable and renewable energy, and their storage.

Energy technology start-ups are required to keep pace with the rapidly increasing energy needs while simultaneously trying to minimize environmental impact. Even in straddling this precarious line, continuous progress is being made in sourcing and storing renewable energy. The production of energy from renewable sources provides newer and more economically attractive opportunities while reducing production costs significantly.

As electric vehicles become commonplace, the race to provide not only sustainable vehicles but also providing means for recharging the infrastructure keeps their manufacturers on their toes. Cities also seek innovative means of using renewable technology to bring down their carbon footprints, so several energy technology start-ups have started utilizing renewable technologies like solar, wind and hydel power. They promote renewable energy and also offer technological improvements, for instance, perovskite solar cells or improved blade designs for wind turbines. New services linked to manufacturing and maintenance that optimize the use of energy, such as production forecasts from solar panels, are at the forefront of embracing innovation and technological advancements.

Companies continue to face challenges in recognizing the true potential energy technology start-ups to realize a new high in operational efficiency. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with Energy CIO Insights Magazine’s Editorial Board features “Top 10 Energy Technology Startups - 2018”. The list presents the most prominent startups in the energy technology landscape, capable of inventing and innovating for a cleaner, greener and more energy-efficient environment.

    Top Energy Technology Startups

  • The company redefines wind power generations with MicroCube, an immensely versatile ducted wind turbine of 9*9*13 inches delivers nearly 1000 times more energy than a solar panel of similar dimensions

  • Offers a fin-tech platform that simplifies adopting on-site energy solutions for SMBs and nonprofits

  • Develops new technologies to transform low-grade heat from depleted oil and gas reservoirs to sources of renewable geothermal power

  • Established to enable the growth of research and development (both fundamental and applied) from government, academic, and industry partnerships to mature technology offerings

  • Multi-pipeline natural gas nominations dashboard

  • Provides new, innovative, and affordable energy storage solutions replacing Lithium-ion batteries especially for commercial users

  • Pioneer Energy mitigates gas-processing challenges with its unique product and service suite

  • Provides smart plant solutions and engineering data services

  • Provides integrated green energy technology solutions to businesses and property owners across the U.S.

  • Artifex Integration

    Artifex Integration

    A sophisticated firm of energy professionals that has deep passion in implementing today's advanced technologies for commercial and industrial facilities across the country